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Do you also have the following questions regarding our service?  That's why we are here to help you out. Please contact us if you have customized questions and get answered!


Q1: What financial advice is included in your tax return prep service and financial planning (or tax planning)?

A1: If your questions are related to prior years (which already have occurred), then It is a part of the tax return service and adjustment of your tax withholding and tax tips. If your questions are related to "which will likely happen" and saving taxes next year, then It is a part of tax / financial planning.


Q2: How would you process your tax preparation or financial consultation?

A2: We offer a virtual video call meeting with online screen-sharing (can see face-to-face each other) rather than an office visit. These are the steps below for our virtual meeting:

1. We will have a brief screen-sharing call meeting and disclose our tax prep or consulting agreement.  You can even sign on the agreement electronically.

2. Once you agree, we will send an E-invoice for a fee. Once you pay 50% (100% for online consulting) of your invoice price via ACH (just follow the payment instruction in the email)

3. We will create a shared folder in Cloud Drive. You can also upload your scanned or downloaded documents.

4. Once you review a Draft of your tax return or your consultation is completed, you can pay the remainder. 


Q3:  I have a small business I started about 7 years ago. I never used professional tax advice so my books are not as neat as others. I am currently going through an IRS audit.

A3: We can identify your problem with the IRS and get you the right corporate tax advice to solve your book issues and set up an accounting system for your future.


Q4. I have a plan to start a small business this year. Which entity should I form and what is the tax implication on my personal tax return? Which expenses should I deduct? What accounting system should I use?

A4:  It is critically important to get the right advice before you start your new business. We have established our business entity set-up consultation which will provide you cons and pros of multiple business entity options.   


Q5:  I previously used Turbo Tax but I received an IRS audit letter and would like help and advice from a professional.

A5. We can identify the discrepancies between your filing and IRS findings and help you respond to IRS letters. Also we can be your tax representative to write a letter to solve the problem.


Q6:  I previously used Turbo Tax but have had a few changes recently and would like help and advice from a professional.

A5. We can identify your changes and help you solve the new issues.


Q7: If we are looking for guidance on how to save our taxes or buy a property or house. We would like to get advice on the best financial vehicles, any relevant tax information on how to best purchase the home, and other relevant financial information on how to achieve this goal in our 3-5 year timeline.

A6: Those are financial planning. It can be hourly service or long-term planning.

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